About APH-Alarm

APH-Alarm is a comprehensive safety solution for people with aphasia. The aim of the system is to provide alarm messages without the need of speaking or in situations where common emergency triggers are out of reach. Take the following example situations to get a better idea what APH-Alarm could do for you:

Maria, an elderly lady of the age of 76 lives alone. Her son Mike, the closes relative, had to move to another city. Mike visits his mother every two weeks, he would like to see Maria more often, but work and travel costs make it not easy.

Maria suffers from a low degree of aphasia, which allows her to keep her active live. She leaves home quit often, although sometimes she is worried what would happen in case of an emergency. Her sone is troubled by similar thoughts. He fears not to be available in case his mother needs urgent help. 

So Mike bought an APH-Alarm system for his mother. Thanks to the user friendly interface she could use it right away and both have one less thing to worry about.

Charles is, currently at the age of 55, lives together with his wife, his Son Sam already left home for visiting the University. 

Charles himself is well educated and had a good job until he suffered a stroke a year ago. Since that he is bothered with epilepsy and Aphasia. During the long time of rehabilitation he lost his job. Because of his suffering, moving around is still not easy and speaking he has to relearn completely.

Mean while his wife has to work for earning money, leafing her husband alone for a part of the day. She doesn't like the idea, but at the moment there is no other way. At the Internet she found a system called APH-Alarm, designed for exactly this cases. She knows Charles always liked and used technical equipment and is still able to do so. The additional APP on Charles smart phone brought a big relief to both of them!

Professor Maros, a high educated man at the age of 69, suffers of hemiplegia as a result of an earlier stroke. Beside difficulty walking, the paralysis also manifests it self in the ability to use language. 

A caregiver visits Mister Maros on daily basis, supporting him in tasks like cleaning or shopping. As moving around is difficult, going out for a walk, in a big City Mister Maros is living in, is challenging, but still possible. With a medium degree of Aphasia he can follow and understand conversations and can express himself. This helps him to ask for support if needed.

Beside his, mostly independent, life during day time, his worries are for the night time, facing an emergency with his limitation in moving or speaking. Maybe even aggravated by stress or dizziness from suddenly waking up.

He is sleeping a lot better since a friend, who also uses APH-Alarm, told him about a special add on that provides supports during night time.