Professor Maros, a high educated man at the age of 69, suffers of hemiplegia as a result of an earlier stroke. Beside difficulty walking, the paralysis also manifests it self in the ability to use language. 

A caregiver visits Mister Maros on daily basis, supporting him in tasks like cleaning or shopping. As moving around is difficult, going out for a walk, in a big City Mister Maros is living in, is challenging, but still possible. With a medium degree of Aphasia he can follow and understand conversations and can express himself. This helps him to ask for support if needed.

Beside his, mostly independent, life during day time, his worries are for the night time, facing an emergency with his limitation in moving or speaking. Maybe even aggravated by stress or dizziness from suddenly waking up.

He is sleeping a lot better since a friend, who also uses APH-Alarm, told him about a special add on that provides supports during night time.