The official APH-ALARM Kick-off meeting was held on June 15th, 2020.

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 restrictions a personal meeting has yet to be realised, so all of the meetings so far have been held online.

During autumn 2020, the gap analysis and the questionnaires regarding the needs of the end users were conducted. The gap analysis focused on the three participating countries’ resources, applications that aim to help people with aphasia, as well as on international programs. The quantitative and qualitative questions in the questionnaire were divided into three topics: personal data (age, education, family…), stroke related data (when did the stroke happen, when did they get to the hospital, degree of aphasia…), and data regarding their free time and their use of technical devices. The gap analysis and the questionnaires were conducted by the three end-user partners, Aphasie Association (HU), Aveiro University (PT) and Technische Universität Wien (AT). Six Austrian, 30 Hungarian and nine Portuguese aphasic people took part in the questionnaires. The COVID-19 situation made the task a bit tricky, especially the inclusion of the end-users, but in the end everything worked out and everyone could include as many people as they had planned. An analysis of all three countries was made. In addition, interviews with therapists working with aphasic people have been conducted. End-user scenarios and personas were created as well as the official website of the project. The technical developments have started as well.