The platform’s and the application’s development launched.

The devices needed for the development have been purchased, the data collection method has been created and the data collection application has been finished. The next step was collecting the data, which is an ongoing project. The end-user partners have started to work on pictograms that will be used in the emergency call application. People living with aphasia were heavily involved in this step. They were able to identify the best piktograms for aphasic people in multiple rounds in smaller groups. The first version of the application was created. The voice recognition built in the software was evaluated too. The gesture and motion sensor is also being tested on the smart devices purchased for aphasic people for testing and general usage. Majority of the tests focuses on the ’other’ category (95%), 1,3% is a test for a falling motion and 3,6% is a test for stomping on the ground or patting the pocket 3 times. The data is constantly being evaluated, as the tests are successful. The final product’s creation has been launched which includes a market research, a financial and a business plan.