Business Partner (Austria):

The company “Loidl-consulting & IT services GmbH.” was founded in 1989, formerly named “SoLo IT Solutions GmbH.”. Beside the core competencies of the planning and integration of IT infrastructure and server environments, Loidl Consulting soon started to provide special solutions for for data storage, database systems, document management systems and ASP technologies. Due to the cooperation with “CareCenter Software GmbH.” (formerly known as “Gibodat”) Loidl Consulting always participated in project related software development, mainly in the area of elderly care and medic systems. In 2013 Loidl Consulting started with hardware development; focused on AAL, Telemonitoring and Telemedicine projects. Since then more than 100 R&D (national and international) projects where successfully completed. Today Loidl Consulting works together with research centers (Universities, colleges of higher education) as well as national and international organisations like IHE - pushing forward the development of assisting technologies, to provide suitable soft- and hardware solutions for organisations, professionals and private customers.