Research Partner (Portugal):

Created in 1973, University of Aveiro (UAVR) quickly became one of the most dynamic and innovative universities in Portugal. Now a public foundation under private law, it continues to develop and implement its mission to provide undergraduate and postgraduate education, to generate research and promote cooperation with society. Attended by about 13700 students on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, the UAVR is one of the top universities in Portugal regarding the quality of its infrastructures, the strength of its research and the excellence of its staff. The majority of the researchers from UAVR in this project are members of the Biomedical Informatics and Technologies group (BIT) of the Institute of Electronics and Informatics Engineering of Aveiro (IEETA) (​​ ). IEETA is a Computer Science Engineering/Electronics and Electrical Engineering Research Unit of UAVR with 35 full-time equivalent (FTE) members with PhD and over 40 PhD students. Having health, welfare and safety in mind, IEETA is a R&D unit committed to put the expertise of its members at the service of the society, aiming to contribute to novel multidisciplinary solutions of Intelligent Systems for Human Assistance. The mission of the Biomedical Informatics and Technologies group (BIT), one of the 3 groups of IEETA, is to contribute to the scientific advances in ICT for translational health, through the study of algorithmic questions and computational solutions inspired by and related to biological and biomedical problems. BIT aims empowering people, with usable, natural, context and user aware applications and services, addressing needs in health, daily life and social integration.BIT-IEETA Projects in related areas: AAL Paelife, AAL4ALL, Smartphones for Seniors, Marie Curie IAPP IRIS, VR2Market (with Carnegie Mellon), European Health Data & Evidence Network, SOCIAL - Social Cooperation for Integrated Assisted Living.