Since the second newsletter, the platform and application development has finished as well as the first round of data acquisition.

All together 32 people participated in the data acquisition, out of which 26 were people with aphasia. During data acquisition partners helped the patients on many different platforms (zoom, on the phone, with videos) in many different ways. With the AppUsage application installed on the devicses the partners could monitor the flow of the process.

Using the data and the agile evaluation a demo application, contaning the final pictograms, was made. This launched the second part of data acquisition and testing. The goal here was to evaluate how well the application can be used (along the lines of the methodology written in a previously) and to make sure that end users can constantly send feedback. This supports the idea that the whole project is end-user centered. The expansion of teaching databases and modell teaching continues.

Furthermore, market research is being continued as well in the countries of the project’s partners.

As the partners approach half time, they are preparing for the mid-term review meeting with the AAL Office in Brussels.