The fascinating journey of the APH-ALARM project is coming to an end. 

Although the consortium partners are not happy about finishing the project, they are proud of their achievements. You can read about these and the activities since the last newsletter in this short document. We tried to sum up the most important steps, so you, the reader, can have a deeper understanding about the main results.  

Consortium meeting in Budapest

The first and only in -person meeting of the APH-ALARM consortium took place in the building of the BME on January 9th and 10th, 2023. All consortium partners attended this meeting. The first day was busy: the current state of the project, the results of the agile evaluation, the technical developments, and the dissemination strategies were all discussed. An ethical workshop was also held and the framework and methods of the last field trials were finalised, too. The long day was closed by a dinner spent together. The second day was about finalizing other pending topics, such as the exploitation plans and business model.  

The last user evaluations, namely the field trials, were held in March and April. The test ran for four (in Austria) and for eight weeks (in Hungary). The participants had to send and receive emergency messages based on a pre-written task list. Four people living without aphasia and one secondary user participated in Austria, while in Hungary 20 participants with aphasia and 20 secondary users were involved in the trials. The tests were done by the participants independently. For this independent work, they received a detailed support manual on how to construct emergency messages.  

The results and the feedback from the field trial was constantly communicated to the technical team, who worked hard on solving any upcoming issues, which made APH-ALARM even more aphasia specific.  

The partners disseminated the about projects on many different platforms and occasions, including two oral presentations at the International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Ageing Well and e-Health (ICT4AWE) (Prague, Czech Republic, 228-2430 April 2023), where one of the papers won the “Best Paper Award” ( Another paper was also accepted and will be presented at the Annual Conference on Health Informatics meets Digital Health (dHealth) in(Vienna, Austria, 16-17 May 2023). 

Additionally, the market preparation continued in the partner countries.  

This is the last newsletter of the APH-ALARM project. A farewell is always sad, but the actions and outcome of this project will live on. We hope that the cooperation will continue in future projects as well.  

We hope you enjoyed this last newsletter, please make sure to share your thoughts with us. We value your feedback and support.  

This project would not have been realised without the help and support of the AAL Association and the local funding agencies in Austria, Hungary and Portugal. We are grateful for this opportunity.